Hugo Faz Fotos

Very nice colaboration with the bresilian artist HUGO.
Hugo is a performance and visual artist based in São Paulo, Brazil, developing artistic research on the relations between human body and social body. You can see is full artistic portfolio in acting, performance and photography portfolio”>here.

100 NUDE Shoots (of Hugo) is his main photographic project, where he’s being portrayed nude in 100 photoshoots produced in collaboration with 100 different artists, each in unique concepts, views and interpretations of nudity. The mission is to “unite” so many different contemporary views and concepts about nudity and help blur the lines that still distinguish, when the human body is portrayed, fine art from amateur, fashion from erotic, artistic from pornographic, and in this process try to convey that being nude is being human:

The original work by  Alejandro Zenha , bresilian architect


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